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The Dip-Clip was designed with the comfort of smokeless tobacco users in mind.  The Dip-Clip is a personal Tobacco Tin holder that can clip to your belt, pants, automobile visor, or many other convenient places.

The Dip-Clip conveniently stores your tobacco so there’s no need for the discomfort associated with keeping it in your back pocket, coat pocket (where it is hard to locate), or the floor of your car (where it is difficult to reach.)

A chew by any other name ( snus, dip, moist snuff, smokeless tobacco ) is still chew.  If you're going to Dip it....CLIP it!

"Now I can go anywhere without the worry of pocket circles or losing my chew.  What an inexpensive way to keep track of where I put my tin.  I love it!"

                                                           -Robert Stover                                                                                                 (Gainsville, FL)

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